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  • Bev Bussey Baker (Tuesday, January 27 15 09:11 pm EST)

    GO WARDOGS!! Watching from Omaha tonight... Go Beau!!

  • Judy (Tuesday, January 27 15 09:11 pm EST)

    Been having problems getting game on IPad...working fine tonight.

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  • Bev Bussey Baker (Saturday, January 24 15 05:13 pm EST)

    Dang, guys!!! Makes me hungry for Charlie\'s Chicken. That\'s a long trip for me to get some... LOL

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Saturday, January 24 15 04:32 pm EST)

    Enjoying the game from Omaha!! Thanks for allowing me to do that!!! Great Game so far... Go Wardogs!!!!

  • Sherry Hendrick (Saturday, January 24 15 03:58 pm EST)

    This is Corey Fincher\'s Nana, Sherry Hendrick. Have been sick so couldn\'t come in person to watch. Appreciate having the games live to watch on the website. Good luck to both teams. Please keep us posted on the girl\'s game. Hope Miami beats Roland.

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  • Bev Bussey Baker (Friday, January 23 15 09:05 pm EST)

    Go War Dogs!!!! Watching from Omaha.... Again, thanks for allowing me to watch Beau and his team!!

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  • Bev Bussey Baker (Thursday, January 22 15 10:01 pm EST)

    Congratulations Wardogs!! Great Game!

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Thursday, January 22 15 09:45 pm EST)

    Great Game War Dogs!! Thanks for sharing with us... Love Watching Grandson and his team play!!

  • Bill (Thursday, January 22 15 09:10 pm EST)

    Go Dogs ! From Cabo San Lucas !

  • Sherry Hendrick (Thursday, January 22 15 08:52 pm EST)

    Hope to be there in person Friday. Jody Fincher\'s mom/Corey\'s Nana.

  • christine WI;LLIAMS (Friday, January 16 15 07:45 pm EST)

    Coach Fincher`s Grandmother watching from Roland. Ok

  • Sherry Hendrick (Friday, January 16 15 07:27 pm EST)

    Coach Fincher\'s mom watching from Roland, Oklahoma.

  • Sherry Hendrick (Tuesday, January 13 15 09:57 pm EST)

    Christine Williams and Sherry Hendrick watching from Roland, Oklahoma.

  • Nelya (Tuesday, January 13 15 09:06 pm EST)

    Watching from oologah

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Tuesday, January 13 15 09:06 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha Nebraska.... Go War Dogs!!!

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Friday, January 09 15 09:16 pm EST)

    Great Game so far Dogs!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Todd Hessee (Friday, December 19 14 09:46 pm EST)

    Good half wardogs from the Miami fire department!

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Friday, December 19 14 09:04 pm EST)

    WarDogs... Let\'s play that Great Basketball that you are used to!!!! Signing in from Omaha... Go Dogs.... Go Beau....

  • Matt O (Friday, December 19 14 08:49 pm EST)

    Great Job tonight boys! Wish I was there with you! Hope you enjoyed my nuts. If you need the recipe just let me know!

  • Bethany (Friday, December 19 14 07:33 pm EST)

    Go wardogs. Play hard Mary & Vanna Crosby watch you from work

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Saturday, December 13 14 05:29 pm EST)

    Go WarDogs!!!! Beverly Bussey Baker signing in from Omaha!!

  • Judy (Friday, December 12 14 07:32 pm EST)

    Hi....watching here in Dale also. Just me and my pups tonight as Richard and Carol didn\'t come up....go Beau and Wardogs...having hard time staying connected

  • karla jinks (Friday, December 12 14 07:29 pm EST)

    karla jinks watching from south Dakota on mission trip. watching my boy.......

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Friday, December 12 14 07:22 pm EST)

    Beverly Bussey Baker watching from Omaha! Go WarDogs!!!

  • Steven Helton (Friday, December 12 14 06:48 pm EST)

    Beau Bussey for Mayor !

  • Todd Hessee (Thursday, December 11 14 09:26 pm EST)

    I will take the dunk ! from the Miami Fire station go DAWGS

  • Jordan Hessee (Thursday, December 11 14 08:37 pm EST)

    Go Dogs!

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Thursday, December 11 14 08:37 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha NE.... Go WarDogs!!!

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Friday, December 05 14 10:30 pm EST)

    Good Game Wardogs!!! Beau getting a new phone???? He should!! LOL Enjoyed watching from Omaha, Nebraska, good game tonight, Beau and team!!!! Thank you guys for providing stream for us!!!

  • Zjo (Friday, December 05 14 10:29 pm EST)

    Jerks union tied. 14 all

  • Z Jane Osborn (Friday, December 05 14 09:50 pm EST)

    Jenks14. Union. 7

  • Beverly Bussey Baker (Friday, December 05 14 09:06 pm EST)

    Go WarDogs!!!

  • Richard (Tuesday, December 02 14 07:40 pm EST)

    Excited to watch some Wardog basketball this season. Thank you sponsors and Bless for allowing us to watch from anywhere. Go Dawgs !!!!

  • Natalie (Friday, November 07 14 08:38 pm EST)

    Cheering on the wardogs and my Vinita hornet cousin #66 good luck to both teams tonight

  • Shelly Brewer (Friday, October 31 14 11:02 pm EDT)

    Hang in there boys!!
    Great sack #53! That's my boy!

  • Chris McDowell (Friday, October 31 14 09:34 pm EDT)

    Go Wardogs! Great camera work tonight

  • Mike and Stacee Young (Friday, October 31 14 09:22 pm EDT)

    Watching our son #53 Dalton from Forney, Texas! Go defense! WARDOGS!! Thank you for the great coverage week after week - appreciate it!!!

  • John and Wyvonna Folks (Friday, October 31 14 08:44 pm EDT)

    Watching from San Antonio! Happy Halloween! Go Wardogs!

  • scott bekemeier (Friday, October 31 14 08:30 pm EDT)

    GO WARDOGS! Watching from home in MV,MO. HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS

  • John and Wyvonna Folks (Friday, October 24 14 08:41 pm EDT)

    Go Wardogs! Watching from San Antonio!

  • shelly brewer (Thursday, October 16 14 09:07 pm EDT)

    Go #53! Wardog Power!! Shelly Brewer, Paul.and Kari Thomas watching them dogs in Miami!

  • Walter Love (Thursday, October 16 14 08:59 pm EDT)

    First time trying to watch the dogs on a tablet...

  • ken (Thursday, October 16 14 08:55 pm EDT)

    Bless is having trouble connecting due to cell coverage.

  • Shelly Brewer (Thursday, October 16 14 08:52 pm EDT)

    Is the game being showed live? I can't pull it up

  • Delo and Madison (Thursday, October 16 14 08:32 pm EDT)

    Go #10 Ryan Perry!!!!! We are routing for you, as always, WARDOGS!!!!! Show 'em what you're made of!!!!

  • Tim D. Hall (Saturday, October 11 14 02:39 pm EDT)

    I've been watching and listening and I believe that we have some of the best coaching staff anywhere. Coach Cheatham has worked hard to reinstill pride into not only the team but other aspects of Miami as well. You cannot expect instant success. Teams are molded over time and sometimes that takes patients. .. a lot of patients from everyone. .. teams grow together and must be tried and forged in both bad and good times. A coach or a teacher can instruct all there is about a class or a sport. But it is also up to each individual to take what has been put forth to learn. That said I believe we have a solid group of young people that are learning. Be patient people of Miami... as the saying goes... Rome wasn't built in a day.

  • shelly (Friday, October 10 14 10:26 pm EDT)

    Dalton Young's grandparents Paul, Wanda Thomas and Annamaria Thomas watching the Wardogs trying to push through Wagoner with Shelly Brewer.