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  • Dianne Kannard (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:52 pm EST)

    Caden\'s grandparents watching from Okeene

  • Debbie Hogan (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:52 pm EST)

    Watching from home. Had many of the boys in PE! Always fun to watch! Just like being a proud Momma!

  • Amy (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:50 pm EST)

    great ball game. Boys working so hard!

  • Val & Jeff Jinks (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:47 pm EST)

    Watching from Diamond MO Great 1st Half GO Dogs!

  • Keinv Freeman (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:31 pm EST)

    Thanks for the broadcast

  • Sherry Hendrick (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:19 pm EST)

    My prayers are with the Bussey(sp) family who lossed a loved one. Christine (Corey\'s great grandmother is feeling better) and is watching.

  • Jordan Hessee (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:06 pm EST)

    Watching live from Memphis Tennesee, GO DOGS!!

  • Hayden (Tuesday, March 03 15 09:04 pm EST)

    Tuning in from good ol Wayne, NE.. Having some Wardog withdraws haha.. Hoping for a big win tonight!

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Tuesday, March 03 15 08:56 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha, NE! Go Dogs!!!

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  • Steven Helton (Monday, March 02 15 08:51 pm EST)

    Beau Bussey en fuego !

  • darcy (Monday, March 02 15 08:40 pm EST)

    Bless, please give a shout out to Morgan, Dennie and MarthaOwens in Grapevine, TX.

  • Nading, Shawn (Monday, March 02 15 08:36 pm EST)

    Shea Seals played at McLain.

  • karla (Monday, March 02 15 08:23 pm EST)

    Yes...we do think he\'s pretty special! We\'re watching online from st. Louis at a pastors conference. Ka

  • Val & Jeff Jinks (Monday, March 02 15 08:15 pm EST)

    go Dogs! Watching from Diamond MO

  • Todd Hessee (Monday, March 02 15 08:01 pm EST)

    Great job DOGS! Keep up the pressure from the Guys at the Miami fire Dept

  • B Baker (Monday, March 02 15 07:24 pm EST)

    What has happened???? Stream is gone????

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Monday, March 02 15 07:19 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha... GO WARDOGS!!!!

  • Dianne Kannard (Friday, February 13 15 09:02 pm EST)

    Caden\'s grandparents cheering from Okeene, Ok

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Friday, February 13 15 08:53 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha for last season game.... Want to thank Sponsors and everyone connected that has allowed me to watch these games this past two years! It has been a blessing being able to watch Beau and his team play basketball!! Thanks to all!! We do however have playoffs... Go Wardogs!

  • sherry hendrick (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:44 pm EST)

    You guys are fun to listen to.

  • Rory Weber (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:29 pm EST)

    From Okeene Okla.

  • Aunt Amy (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:27 pm EST)

    Let\'s clear the bench tonight! They owe Aunt Amy that much after cancelling JV games I drove 5 hours to see! Wanna see 14 tonight.

  • Ben Osborn (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:27 pm EST)

    Watching before my Intramural game here in the dorms in Norman, Still looking for some action for #14!

  • Sherry Hendrick (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:23 pm EST)

    Just letting you know we are watching.

  • Jeff Jinks (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:16 pm EST)

    watching from Chicago Go Dogs Go!

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Tuesday, February 10 15 09:11 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha. Go Wardogs!!

  • Trevor Hayes (Tuesday, February 10 15 08:29 pm EST)

    lets go dogs! From one Miami to another!

  • Kevin N Freeman (Tuesday, February 10 15 08:17 pm EST)

    stay tough ladies and hold your heads high.

  • Kevin N Freeman (Friday, February 06 15 09:43 pm EST)

    Keep your Heads held high girls. We love you. Go Lady Wardogs!!!!

  • Marla Linton (Friday, February 06 15 09:12 pm EST)

    Too sick to be there in person, so I\'m especially thankful to be able to watch from home! Thank you Wardog sports!

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Friday, February 06 15 08:48 pm EST)

    GREAT GAME WARDOGS!!! Thank you Sponsors for allowing us to watch this fantastic game!!!!

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Friday, February 06 15 08:32 pm EST)

    Way to go Dogs!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Friday, February 06 15 07:42 pm EST)

    Signing in from Omaha!! Go Wardogs!!!

  • Kevin N Freeman (Friday, February 06 15 07:31 pm EST)

    VOTE YES March 3

  • Judy (Friday, February 06 15 07:30 pm EST)

    Quilting retreat on TX gulf coast.. Will be watching..

  • shawn daniels (Thursday, February 05 15 10:06 pm EST)

    My thoughts and prayers are with bless and Kendra and Margaret. So sorry for the loss. Your family was always good to me.God bless you all

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:43 pm EST)

    Thanks to the sponsors!!! Trust me, I love Charlie\'s Chicken!!! You guys make me hungry for it every game!! P.S. I\'m Beau\'s other Grandmother... Richard\'s Mother... Thanks again guys!!

  • Victoria bellis (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:39 pm EST)

    Watching the game from stillwater! Thanks!

  • James (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:19 pm EST)

    Go Dogs.....Here in Omaha, NE hoping to bring good luck to my nephew Beau and his team

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:07 pm EST)

    Thank you for allowing us to watch Beau and his team play Basketball this past 2 years. I really enjoy his games. Bless, my prayers are with you and your family! Thank you for being with us tonight! You are appreciated!!

  • Jordan Hessee (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:05 pm EST)

    Watching live from Sherman Texas, Go Dogs!

  • Judy (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:03 pm EST)

    Please use the quilts....

  • Sherry Hendrick (Tuesday, February 03 15 09:00 pm EST)

    Sherry Hendrick & Christine Williams watching from Roland.

  • Judy (Tuesday, February 03 15 08:53 pm EST)

    Watching also...

  • RoseAnne Munson (Tuesday, February 03 15 08:53 pm EST)

    RIP Bob Parker . Once a Wardog Always a Wardog! Thank you Wardogsports.com and Wardogsports.com advertisers. I love the Bless, Matt and Jim show!!! This broadcast is a lovely dedication to Mr. Parker. May God be the Parker family during this difficult time. For the record ( to my family watching) ….Kristen was in Edmond yesterday representing MHS National Honor Society .

  • Bev Bussey Baker (Tuesday, February 03 15 08:48 pm EST)

    Come on War Dogs!! You can do it!!!

  • Jim Rathjen (Tuesday, February 03 15 08:42 pm EST)

    Watching from Dunn,North Carolina. Let\'s Go Dogs!

  • Kevin N Freeman (Tuesday, February 03 15 08:03 pm EST)

    Always great listening to you guys. My thoughts and prayers are with the Parker family.