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  • Austin Hipkins (Friday, September 26 14 10:42 pm EDT)

    Common Dogs lets get a score!!! Watching from Chickasha Ok

  • Destiny, Jerry, and Christi (Friday, September 26 14 10:18 pm EDT)

    Let's go wardogs! We're watching you from home #67.

  • scott bekemeier (Friday, September 26 14 09:50 pm EDT)

    great interview guys sounds like the Lady Wardogs are in good hands with Coach Fisher.

  • Natalie Morris (Friday, September 26 14 09:45 pm EDT)

    Go Hayden!! #54

  • Aaron Mullins (Friday, September 26 14 08:49 pm EDT)

    LETS GO WARDOGS!! Watching From Stillwater, Ok

  • shelly brewer (Friday, September 26 14 08:45 pm EDT)

    Proud parents, Paul and Kari Thomas and Shelly Brewer watching the Wardogs in Miami, ok. GO WARDOGS!!!

  • scott bekemeier (Friday, September 26 14 08:40 pm EDT)

    Let's GO WARDOGS. Keep up the good work guys love watching and listening

  • John and Wyvonna Folks (Friday, September 26 14 08:37 pm EDT)

    Watching from San Antonio! Go Wardogs!Thanks for the great job you do!

  • scott bekemeier (Friday, September 19 14 09:56 pm EDT)

    marionville witch is 8 miles from mt vernon is leading wyandotte at half 30-12.

  • Z June Osborn (Friday, September 19 14 09:21 pm EDT)

    Thanks for the SO. Some listeners might be interested in hearing about the handicap access in the new stadium. I have been told there will be an elevator and spaces for wheelchairs and scooters. I sure hope that is true! Then we can all get there to support the Wardogs.

  • Jim Rathjen (Friday, September 19 14 09:04 pm EDT)

    Jim and Nancy Rathjen are watching from Asheville, NC.

  • John & Kathy Cherry (Friday, September 19 14 08:58 pm EDT)

    It is a wonderful night for FootBall ..... GO DOGS GO !

  • scott bekemeier (Friday, September 19 14 08:54 pm EDT)

    keep up the good work enjoy listening and watching GO WARDOGS

  • BrandonTus (Thursday, September 18 14 05:45 am EDT)

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  • lisa senter (Friday, September 12 14 10:17 pm EDT)

    Great group of Wardogs!!!

  • James Stevens Class of 2004 (Friday, September 12 14 09:40 pm EDT)

    Hopefully it will be a better half for wardogs!!!

  • Jeff, Delo and Mamz (Friday, September 12 14 09:24 pm EDT)

    Watching from home in Miami! Go Dogs!!! Lets bring the heat 2nd half!

  • Richard Bussey (Friday, September 12 14 08:27 pm EDT)

    Watching with the quilt club in South Texas

  • rammer (Friday, September 12 14 08:04 pm EDT)

    Is there a game tonight

  • chris morris (Friday, September 12 14 06:43 pm EDT)

    go wardogs

  • Wardog forever Fan (Friday, September 05 14 10:07 pm EDT)

    Great job halftime support kids!!! Go Dawgs from Owasso!

  • Aunt Cyndi, mammaw, Xander and XiXi (Friday, September 05 14 09:45 pm EDT)

    Go Blake Ragsdale #3. We love you

  • Grady Cason (Friday, September 05 14 09:36 pm EDT)

    Go Dawgs!
    From Kansas City Missouri
    Class of '93

  • Grant Parcel (Friday, September 05 14 09:35 pm EDT)

    Couple of old Wardogs enjoying the ridge runner beat down from Edmond!

    Grant Parcel '99
    Gabe Craig 2000

  • alan simpson (Friday, September 05 14 09:32 pm EDT)

    Watching from OKC GO DOGS

  • peter norton (Friday, September 05 14 09:31 pm EDT)

    Go DAWGS from pete norton in San antonio!! Great broadcast guys keep it up

  • Jordan Douthit (Friday, September 05 14 09:28 pm EDT)

    Your favorite daughter and son in law are watching from Tahlequah!

    Go Wardogs!

  • Richard Bussey (Friday, September 05 14 08:59 pm EDT)

    Listening in from South Texas

  • alan simpson class of 81 (Monday, September 01 14 08:18 pm EDT)

    You guys should try to get it where you can chat with other people that are watching the game in real time

  • Kendra Cummins (Monday, August 18 14 06:35 pm EDT)

    Request to have Wardog sports for softball & baseball.

  • Matthew Rhodes (Saturday, August 16 14 12:09 am EDT)

    2014 MHS Football Schedule
    Sept. 5 vs. Grove @ 7:30 P.M.
    Sept. 12 at Verdigris @ 7:00 P.M.
    Sept. 19 vs. Nowata @ 7:30 P.M.
    Sept. 26 at Cascia Hall @ 7:30 P.M.
    Oct. 3 vs. Oologah @ 7:30 P.M.
    Oct. 10 at Wagoner @ 7:30 P.M.
    Oct. 16 at Cleveland @ 7:30 P.M.
    Oct. 24 vs. McLain @ 7:30 P.M.
    Oct. 31 at Catoosa @ 7:30 P.M.
    Nov. 7 vs. Vinita @ 7:30 P.M.

    Games from Cascia Hall through Vinita are District Games and the McLain game is Homecoming.

  • mike elmore (Monday, July 21 14 10:17 pm EDT)

    where can i hear "the coaches show"?

  • Lisa Helton (Saturday, May 17 14 03:03 pm EDT)

    Go Sarah Stewart!!!

  • John goldenberg (Wednesday, May 07 14 04:54 pm EDT)

    Go dawgs!! Cheering you on from Sydney Australia!

  • Ryan Rigdon (Wednesday, May 07 14 03:51 pm EDT)

    Way to go TY!!! Watching here in Dallas!

  • Jon the potato (Wednesday, May 07 14 03:32 pm EDT)

    Give Ulga a shoutout

  • Jeff the Janitor (Wednesday, May 07 14 03:31 pm EDT)

    Give Olga a shout out.

  • Tyler mitchell (Wednesday, May 07 14 03:29 pm EDT)

    Give me a shout out

  • Matthew Wright (Wednesday, May 07 14 03:27 pm EDT)

    That's right

  • Ulga the cafeteria lady (Wednesday, May 07 14 03:27 pm EDT)

    Give me a shout out please

  • Brandon Cherry (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:52 pm EDT)

    What do you say now " Give them the heater"

  • Men Mercer (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:40 pm EDT)

    Go wardogs and Ty Mercer from Rock Springs Wyoming

  • Matt Osborn (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:39 pm EDT)

    Sounds and looks great! Thanks for broadcasting!

  • John & Brandon Cherry (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:26 pm EDT)

    Let's Go DOG's

  • Trina Arnold Hofer (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:22 pm EDT)

    Go Blue & Go Josh Arnold!!
    Watching from South Dakota!

  • Mark Duesler (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:15 pm EDT)

    Let's Go Blue! Come on Josh Arnold!

  • John Folks (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:08 pm EDT)

    We are getting no sound! On computer or Ipad!

  • Ken Clark (Wednesday, May 07 14 02:00 pm EDT)

    Let's go Dogs!

  • John & Kathy Cherry (Monday, April 28 14 06:39 pm EDT)

    We are Sending Prayers out to the People of Quapaw and Baxter Springs.
    Thank’s for broadcasting the Senior Day festivities.

  • John Cherry (Saturday, April 26 14 06:21 pm EDT)

    If you want to know what the weather is going to be go to Cherry Weather Station @ wunderground.com